Wednesday, March 12, 2008

NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN: a rumination

As an actual activity, I don't do many movies unless they are free on basic cable. That puts me a decade or so behind the culture in some ways. On the other hand, I occasionally pick up on a exceptional buzz about something, like 'Serenity' or '300'.

So I'm in a discount electronics type place yesterday with my youngest adult son obtaining printing papers for two of my printers and he comes up with the new made for DVD, an SG-1 movie. That reminded me that there was a movie that had just been put out that I wanted to see. It had Tommy Lee Jones in it. So I find an on sale copy of 'No Country for Old Men' by the Coen brothers. I have been a fan of the Coens ever since I first saw 'Blood Simple'.

So last night I slipped it into my computer and watched it.

Dang! Did that hurt. I don't have my mind stretched that far often.
Now it will be a few years before this film is wrung dry of its meaning.
But at first try, my review goes like this:

1. No Good Deed Will Go Unpunished.
If he hadn't taken the agua back to the suffering survivor, the hunter would have been home clean and clear.
2. We Owe God a Death.
Chance might save you once but in the end, death will be there like a ghost.
3. There Is Nothing New under The Sun.
Just because you haven't encountered it doesn't mean it hasn't been here.
4. The True Killers Among Us Are Seldom Who You Think They Are.
The sniper from Nam was more dangerous than those you thought were.
5." You Don't Have To Do This.":
Yes he does, or he won't be.

So for those of you who have seen this movie, What say you about it?
For those who have not seen it. Do so.


TStockmann said...

No can do, Prez - I read the Movie Spoilers summary and it's way too bleak and bloody for me.

drlobojo said...

Actually it is not all that bloody, in that only a few of the actual deaths are shown. I think the promos were to lure the 16-25 males into the theater. It is more like a series of CSI crime scenes and inferred deaths. There is however a great deal of menace to it. Oh yes, and the trailers, descriptions, and promos have very little to do with the content.

Think Greek morality tale set in West Texas.

pecheur said...

Did you see Serenity?? What did you think? I like the TV series Firefly better.

And if you say it is not bloody I will trust you. I have a hard time with blood and guts. makes me queezy. I am such a baby.

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