Friday, March 14, 2008

NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN: Last Black Dog Standing

When the cowboy sniper Moss is blood tracking his botched kill, he crosses the path of another blood trail perpendicular to that of the antelope. He looks left and then right. On his right is a black something moving far away. Looking through what looks like 60+power binoculars he can see the blood trail is from a black dog. The dog is a mastiff type animal, and is limping away on an injured left fore limb. The dog stops and looks back towards Moss with his soulless black eyes, as though he knows he is being watched. Do you see me, he seems to say. Then he moves on away.

Moss leaves the antelope blood trail and back tracks to where the dog came from. It is the bloody mess of a drug transaction gone bad. Moss finds a badly wounded hombre in a pickup cab. he ask him, where is the last man standing. Where is the last guy that survived all of this? All the dying hombre wants is agua. Moss doesn't have any to give.

Except for the fact we have already met Chigurh in the movie, the face of death himself, I would think that the black dog, that last living thing from the massacre, was Chigurh in his "animal" form, or maybe Chigurh was the dog in his "human" form. I say this because the last scene in which we see this purveyor death, he is dressed in all black with his black helmet of a haircut, limping away from a car wreck, with a bleeding, bone protruding, left arm. you don't see me, he tells two young boys who have stopped to help him.