Monday, January 28, 2008

100 years old

(My Momma second from left, My Aunt second from right.)
My Aunt died yesterday.

She was 100 years old.

That's along time to live.

I made sure my grown children knew about this.

They didn't know her really, but I wanted them to know that she lived to be 100 years old.

I really want them to worry that I may live that long!
My mother lived to be 92. But 100 seems so much more.

What kind of croutchity growly grumpfest of a nasty ole fart would I be a 100?
You know the kind of old meany that punches a hole his own diaper and then spreads the leaking content up and down the hallways from his electric wheel chair.

I think I'll stick around and see.
Think of all the blogging I can do between now and then!

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Edge of America in 1803: Daniel Boone's Home

BB-Idaho mentioned that Lewis and Clark stopped by the last outpost in America, Daniel Boone's home on their way up the Missouri River. We've been there several times. This is what it looks like.

"Step back in time to experience the Missouri frontier of the early 1800s at the historic Daniel Boone Home, in the Femme Osage Valley at Defiance, MO. Visitors can see museum pieces including explorer and statesman Boone's writing desk, "Long Rifles," family dishes and period furniture in a special guided tour. The four-story Georgian-style structure was hand-built with quarried Missouri limestone and black walnut by the Boone family over seven years. The house resembles Daniel's birthplace in Pennsylvania and ancestral residences in Devon, England. The house was home to Daniel, his wife Rebecca and their ten children. "

When Boone came to the Femme Osage is was in the early 1790's. Originally they lived in a cabin similar to the one above.

"Daniel traded his bridle, saddle and horse for 650 acres of land. In 1803, when Daniel was 80, he sent his youngest son, Nathan, to New Orleans to register the property to serve as a "living will." New Orleans was the seat of government at the time for the Louisiana territory. "So that is why the house is referred to as the Nathan Boone home even though Daniel lived in this house longer than any other home and help build it."The house features a private apartment for Daniel and Rebecca so they could have peace and quite, noted Stum. She added that when the house was put back together in the early sixties as a touring home, many of the original family furniture pieces were donated by Boone's family. Recently, the historic home and village was merged with Lindenwood University. Funds will be used to continue the restoration of the Boone Home, maintain the gardens, restore and put up more old buildings in the village."

The south facing verandas blocked sunshine in the summer and fall, but let the sun shine into the rooms in winter.

Directions: The Daniel Boone Home is located on MO-F, 5 miles west of the intersection of MO-F and MO-94. This intersection is approximately 1 1/2 miles east of Defiance and 7 1/2 miles southwest of I-64.

The Spring that has provided since Boone moved here.

Spring house.

The village.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wyoming Open Range: Closing America

Just a few of the three score plus signs along just two miles of a Wyoming dirt road.
The road is north of the Shosone River.

open range not.
Oh yes, and the Gate to the "Public Lands" was locked. Faded xerox sheet said,
"Key available at local BLM Office during business hours Monday through Friday."

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

VIETNAM Visuals: Page two

The New Hampshire Primaries are happening today.
In honor of those who are currently changing history today I am reviewing some history here on this blog.

I voted absentee in the Oklahoma Primary in 1968 from Ethiopia. I voted for McCarthy (he had already lost). Martin Luther King died while I was flying home from Africa to the States. RFK died while I was in training for Nam at NSA. I voted in the general election while in Nam for Humphrey. Nixon won.

Vietnam Visuals : Page two

East of Phuc Vinh. This little girl, if she lived, probably has grandchildren today in Detroit.
The puppy probably made a good stew. Not many old dogs around.

Over the Minh Tan Plantation from the gunner's well of a slick. Flying safe-hand-only courier.
No seat belt mind you, and with your heels against the bulkhead your boot toes hung over the edge of the floor. Tingle tingle tingle.

Ox carts. Fodder, food, or guns?

On convoy, locked, loaded, safety off.

Water buffalo, livestock or VC transport?

Friend or foe, you think I'm joking don't you.

Sky Crane and a D-6 Cat

Sleepless nights, gooks in the wire or trigger happy NUGs?

F-105 Thunder Thud, loud mothers

Thunder Thud delivers. We go check it out.
All white ash over black burn. All dead.